Hanuvel Market Research


Hanuvel offers a wide range of solutions to position and upscale businesses in different organizations to achieve in-depth insights into the global marketplace. Hanuvel focuses on consumer market research in niche-specific organizations like healthcare, gaming, virtual reality, travel and tourism, construction, automotive, retails, and more. Expanding marketing research in different territories for over 35 years has made Hanuvel the industry expert.


Performing intensive market research for advanced B2B industries to identify potential companies and the target market. With focus groups that function virtually, they help identify ideal customer behavior and insights.

Data Analytics

Running multiple extensive tests to extract accurate analytics reports helps businesses determine their potential areas. The data acquired is extremely accurate and quicker than the internal team operation.


Investing in multiple start-ups and bigger businesses of different domains will accelerate and increase the scalability factors. It also becomes even more lucrative while adding more value to the company in the global market.